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Big on Bentonville

We're BIG on Bentonville, your VIP golf cart tour and elevated experience #funcierge. We're all about BIG fun, and we've put together Bentonville experiences that'll knock your socks off or make your skirt fly up or alter any other type of clothing you may think is securely fastened.

What we offer:

The spring, we offer two signature tours: our Best of Bentonville Tour and our Sip, See & Savor Tour. You'll kick back and relax on our golf cart tours as we hit the highlights and show you all that best Bentonville has to offer. 

We also offer:

Five elevated experiences!!! Hip hip hip hip hip hooray! Our experiences have been thoughtfully designed to provide a memorable adventure in Bentonville—whether you're here for a girls trip, a little romance, a weekend get-away, or maybe you're dropping off your college kids and want to whoop it up (#emptynestwiththebest). With luxury add-ons, we'll lasso the moon and bring it to you. Think air tours, private chefs and free puppies. (Alright, alright, we lied about the puppies. The moon part is pretty much true, though.)

Wait! There's more!


We now offer MTB tours! Bring your own bike for our Bikes, Brews and B-Town Views Tour! Available weekdays during happy hour from 3:30-5:30. We'll point out the best trails and grab a brew at a favorite watering hole. Two hours, two or more people and a whole lotta' fun!

Still have questions?

We have answers! Call us here to chat about what we can dream up and drum up just for you!




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We like fun

And people

And Bentonville

And golf cart tours

And foodie finds

And Ted Lasso #ifykyk

And museums

And vip experiences


and good times.

Let's meet!

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